Peer-to-Peer Lactation Support

Pros: Community, get great ideas from families in similar situations, guidance from group leaders, no/low cost
Cons: not professional support, complex issues may need additional help
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Group NameMeeting TimesLocation(s)Other InfoCost
La Leche LeagueVary based on locationWest Edmonton
Whyte Avenue
Sherwood Park
St. Albert
Weekly virtual meetings during Covid-19 restrictionsFree
Indigenous Birth AlbertaTuesdays 1-4pm
(click here for updated event information)
Grow Centre, EdmontonOn hold due to Covid-19Free
Primary Care Network - Edmonton SouthWednesdays 10am-NoonEdmonton Southside PCNCall 780-395-2626 to register - On hold due to Covid-19$2
La Leche League Phone Helpline9am-9pm dailyThe comfort of your own home!Volunteer-run helpline. Call 780-478-0507 with your breastfeeding questions. Free

Public Lactation Support

Pros: cost covered by Alberta Health Care (AHC), health care professionals provide support, IBCLC and/or Physician
Cons: require referral, wait time may be longer than other options, all visits in clinic setting
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Clinic NameCostStaff CredentialsOther InfoContact Info
Willow Family MedicineCovered by AHCPhysician/IBCLC & IBCLC
Tongue tie assessment & treatment
Click for referral infoContact
Village LactationCovered by AHCPhysician
Tongue tie assessment & treatment
Closed until early 2022Contact
Allin Clinic Breastfeeding ClinicCovered by AHCPhysician Referral requiredPh: 780-482-7551
Misericordia Hospital Breastfeeding ClinicCovered by AHCPhysician Referral requiredPh: 780-735-2577
Grey Nuns Hospital Breastfeeding ClinicCovered by AHCIBCLCReferral requiredPh: 780-735-7346
Royal Alexandra Hospital Breastfeeding ClinicCovered by AHCIBCLCReferral requiredPh: 780-735-4605

Private Lactation Support

Pros: in-home visits, short waiting times, no referral needed, reimbursement possible for IBCLC
Cons: paid out-of-pocket, unable to provide prescriptions for supply concerns*
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Provider NameCertification Level
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Price range
Specialty focus or other infoOffice or home visitsContact Info
Erica Kalke - Synergy Breastfeeding ClinicIBCLC, Nurse Practitioner
-Tongue-tie revisions
-Prescriptions if needed*
Office Ph: 780-467-4343
Samantha McLeod: Boob&BottleMN, RN, IBCLC$65+ (packages vary)eConsults
Online LC Support
In Person Support
Home or ClinicContact
Little Nursing CoIBCLC, RN$125+
Various packages
Tongue Tie assessments
Online booking
Virtual or HomeContact
FlowYeg - Megan SchafersIBCLC, RN$150/initial consultPrenatal consultsClinicOnline Booking
MilkBud Lactation - Sheena TabbertIBCLC, RN$150/initial consult (telehealth)Virtual consults
Various packages
Virtual Contact
Pine Integrated Health - Linda CrawfordIBCLC, LLLL$150 initial consult for new clientsPrivate Prenatal consults
Online booking
Pine Integrated Health
Book Online
Leah CadieuxIBCLC, RLCNot ListedHomeContact
Fiona Lang SharpeIBCLC$125+ - Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes & Consults
- Online Consults
- Lactation Education
Home or ClinicContact
Pam DaveyIBCLCNot Listed
Prenatal ConsultsYour home OR provider's homeContact
Lactopia LactationCLC, CLE, LLLL$125+Tongue-tie support optionHome or ClinicContact
Taryn McLaffertyCLC$50/hr or $350 for course of careHomeContact
Sarah HiggsCLC$125-Prenatal Breastfeeding Class
-Free 15min consult
Home Contact
Stephanie McKinnonCLC$250Prenatal Breastfeeding ClassHomeContact
Niko PalmerCLC$250Prenatal Breastfeeding Class HomeContact
Ashley PolimacCLC$75 (3 months+)
$225 (newborn)
Prenatal ConsultsHomeContact
Erin OltmannCLCNot ListedPrenatal Breastfeeding ClassHomeContact
Robin KylerCLC$80/hr initial consultHomeContact
Michelle Bressler: Lucid DreamCLC$150/initial consultPrenatal consultsHomeContact
Lauren CallejaCLE$100/hr initial consult**Resuming consults October 2020
St. Albert Midwives Clinic OR Client HomeContact

Other Lactation Support Options

Breastfeeding problems can be complex. Some parents find it beneficial to seek multiple forms of help, so here is a list of people or businesses in non-lactation roles who assist with lactation.
Business or
ServicesLactation Support
BreastfeedingFAQsOnline breastfeeding information resource$5/year for access to full site
Self assessments
BACE: Breastfeeding Action Committee of EdmontonBreastfeeding Activism, Promotion, & Protection(BACE) is a registered non-profit society and the recipient of a 2014-2015 Alberta Human Rights and Multiculturalism Grant! We work on a range of issues that impact breastfeeding families and building a network of passionate, effective and engaged breastfeeding supporters. Our mission is to make Edmonton Capital Region a breastfeeding friendly city!
FireKeepersEmpowering members of the LGBTQ+ community during major life events, through education, advocacy, and compassionate serviceGender affirming chestfeeding/breastfeeding support. Our care is fat positive, polya friendly, and sex work and kink aware.
Accessible Acupuncture - Melanie Morrill R.AcAcupunctureAcupuncture can be used to increase milk production, manage pain, release upper back and neck tension, support new moms with postpartum depression or anxiety, and aid healing after cesarean sections.

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